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Photobook Greece in April 2015

Greece 2015 Photobook





My Latest Photobook “Istanbul in April 2015”

Istanbul 2015








The long and winding climb #medicalstudents #medicine #monash

This is the centre stairwell of the Monash University Clinical School in Johor Bahru. I was on the fourth floor when this caught my eyes. It reminds me of the heights the medical students have to climb to acquire their expertise in the art and science of medicine. From a foundational base at ground level, they ascended the stairs until their graduation to collect their MBBS (Hons). Then, to their horror, they discover that they are not at the end of their endeavours but just the beginning. There are many more floors to climb. Medicine is lifelong learning and training/retraining.





Bearing the load #selfreflection #faith #fear #anxiety

Last Sunday 27 July there was a heavy downpour. The rain on the leaves of a single branch of a pine tree in my garden snapped under the weight. I took this photo after the branch was cut into pieces. The cross section showed a healthy branch yet it snapped under the weight.

In our spiritual life, many of us may also snap under stress. These stresses may be from exterior circumstances or interior conditions of which we have no control. Often the stresses come about because we lack faith in God. We lack faith in a God that takes care of the lilies of the fields, the free flying sparrows, and knows the number of hairs on our heads. Lack of faith causes fear and anxiety. The burden of fear and anxiety cause many of us to snap under their weight. We must be careful that we do not give in to fear and anxiety because of our lack of faith.