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‘Clouds get in my way’. Sometimes we do not see the obvious because something gets into the way of our seeing. Clear our vision so that we can see what is hidden by our clouds.

Two jetstreams among the clouds. View from the A1 in the United Kingdom. April 2017.


Sacred Space

Sacred space. A place to set your spirit free, deepen your soul, and expand your mind.

Cloister. Durham Cathedral, Durham, United Kingdom. April 2017




Choices. Shall I enter the place through the open gate or climb up the narrow stairs? Life is full of choices with risk at every choosing.

Alley in Durham. April 2017



A child’s sense of wonder and awe is a wonderful approach to summer. By the time many of us reach the autumn and winter of our lives, we have become cynical and jaded. Summer is full of freshness; always something to delight, something to laugh at, and something to behold in awe. May we never lose our sense of wonder and awe.

Little girl watching salmon swimming in a lake in Capilano Park, Vancouver, Canada



In Life there is always arriving and departing. Life is both a destination and a journey. We cannot determine our arrival and departure. We can, however, determine how we travel the journey. There will be ups and downs. There will be storms and rain. We are here. Endure and even enjoy the ride!

Marina in Ketchikan, Alaska.



This little boy and his whole family were involved in fishing in a muddy tributary of Tonle Sap.



A roadside store on the way to Kampong Kheang in Siam Reap, Cambodia. Very enterprising people.



A little girl taking a stroll and enjoying a bag of treats. Kampong Kheang, Siem Reap. Cambodia


Faces #3

One of the great mystery of ancient Angkor. In Bayon Temple at Angkor, there were 200 smiling faces curved on 50 towers of which 37 is still standing. No one really knows whose face it depicts. Some believe it represents the Buddhist embodiment of compassion, Lokesvara. Others suggest it represents Brahma, a Hindu deity. Yet others believe that is the face of King Jayavarman VII, the builder of the temple. In the meantime, the face’s enigmatic smile hide its true identity for over a thousand years.


Faces #2

Every face tells a story. What are your past experiences that define you?