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The glitter of sunlight on the water of Lake Paringa. South Island. New Zealand. November 2017



Rail Road Bridge

A hardly steel bridge with a wooden floor for trains and cars. Near Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. November 2017


Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier. West Coast, South Island. New Zealand. November 2017.



View at Arthur’s Pass. TranzAlphine Rail route between Christchurch and Greymouth. New Zealand. November 2017


Lake Matheson


Lake Matheson, South Island, New Zealand. Fox Glacier in the background. November 2017.



A path in the temperate forest of Astoria, Oregon. 2016


Valentine Day – when two souls get together and start a dance


Garden of the Soul

Nurturing and growing our souls is like maintaining a beautiful garden. It takes a lot of work and commitment. There is the tilling the soil, adding of fertilisers, planting of seeds, watering, and weeding. There are periods of silence when there seem to be nothing happening in the garden. At other times, there seem to be so much that needs to be done. The garden is constantly changing. So does our souls.

Sunken Garden in Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.



A child’s sense of wonder and awe is a wonderful approach to summer. By the time many of us reach the autumn and winter of our lives, we have become cynical and jaded. Summer is full of freshness; always something to delight, something to laugh at, and something to behold in awe. May we never lose our sense of wonder and awe.

Little girl watching salmon swimming in a lake in Capilano Park, Vancouver, Canada



An interior silence will enable one to live through life’s most turbulent storms. Many of us tried to achieve this state of silence but were shaken when tested by these storms. The type of ‘silence in our souls’ that can withstand storms cannot be created or attained by human efforts. We can only get this silence when it is spoken into us. The One who can speak such silence is God whose language is silence.

Mountain lake in Misty Fjord Mountains Monument, Tongass Nature Reserve, Alaska. August 2016.